What is the Enneagram and how is it helpful?

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The Enneagram is a guide/framework to help you reflect upon yourself in a beautiful protected way. 

The Enneagram describes 9 basic world views and each type has its own way of behaving, thinking and feeling. The beauty of the Enneagram is that it doesn’t box/ label you, but allows you to be you. It is a pathway to more self awareness, self discovery and self development.

You will get more insight in your qualities, strengths, motives, gifts, struggles, challenges, blind spots, growth points, fears and defence mechanisms. The Enneagram will lead to self growth, more acceptance and a way to get in contact with and to become more aware of your inner self on a deeper level.

We all resonate with a type of the Enneagram (9 core-types) and a sub-type (27 sub-types, 3 sub-types in every core-type). Below a brief summary of the names of the core-types with their motivation and core fears.

  1. Strict perfectionist.
    Motivation: Have to do the right/good thing
    Core fear: being criticized
  2. Considerate helper
    Motivation: have to be liked and appreciated
    Core fear: being unloved
  3. Competitive achiever
    Motivation: have to outshine the rest
    Core fear: being worthless
  4. Intense creative
    Motivation: have to be unique
    Core fear: being ordinary
  5. Quiet specialist
    Motivation: have to understand
    Core fear: being foolish
  6. Loyal sceptic
    Motivation: have to be safe and belong
    Core fear: being unprepared
  7. Enthusiastic visionary
    Motivation: have to experience it all
    Core fear: being limited
  8. Active conctroller
    Motivation: have to be in control, be strong
    Core fear: being vulnerable
  9. Adaptive peacemaker
    Motivation: have to keep the balance
    Core fear: being in conflict

Be aware you are more than your core type! The description above is just a little bit of information but to find out more I would recommend doing an Enneagram typing test with an accredited professional. At SACAC Counselling I do guide people through the Enneagram journey. More information is available on request.

The Enneagram is a lifelong journey which will help you live a more integrated and fulfilling life.

Written by:
Flo Westendorp
Registered Clinical Psychologist

SACAC Counselling

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