Anna-Sofia Lehner

Master´s degree in Psychotherapy (Gestalt Therapy)
Registered Psychotherapist with the New Zealand´s Psychotherapist´s Board (PBANZ)
Registered Psychotherapist with the Ministry of Health in Austria Certified Personality Trainer
Diploma in Teaching
Training in Holotropic Breathwork (ongoing)
Training in Trauma and Sexual Abuse
Training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Training in Leadership and Field Management

Anna-Sofia B. Lehner gained her Master's degree in psychotherapy (Gestalt Therapy) in Austria.

Since 2008 she is working as a psychotherapist nationally and internationally. Her professional experience is multi-cultural, as she worked in different settings and different countries, for example working for the humanitarian organization MSF (Doctors without Borders), working in the addictions field, or supporting clients in processing their trauma and/or abuse.

She is experienced in short- and long-term therapy, supporting people to manage depression, anxiety, addiction, coping with grief or loss, relationship problems, trauma, abuse, or cultural differences. Her therapeutic approach is generally holistic, considering the whole person and its aspects in the therapeutic process. To support the client she uses Gestalt Therapy, ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy), or CBT techniques or creative tools, depending on the client’s needs. Offering clients a safe space with an empathetic and open attitude is the foundation of her professional practice which supports optimal personal growth.

Furthermore, she has experience in program development for managing addiction and in team management. To share her therapeutic insights and experiences publicly, she has spoken at national conferences in New Zealand and in Uzbekistan.

In her spare time, she likes to spend time in nature, read a good book, socialize, or dance Salsa.

Anna-Sofia Lehner

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