Dr Rumana Kaed

Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)
Master of Arts (Psychology)
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Rumana, a Clinical Psychologist with a PhD from the National University of Singapore, specializes in Health and Cross Cultural Psychology. Her doctoral research focuses on how breast cancer survivors cope with trauma, emphasizing qualitative methods.

Currently, Rumana's work revolves around counselling individuals dealing with various challenges, including trauma, anxiety, depression, marital difficulties, relationship issues, and parenting. Her counselling approach is eclectic, drawing from the framework of Positive Psychology. She is known for her dynamic speaking skills and conducts talks and workshops on a range of topics, such as Psychological First Aid, Crisis, Stress, and Incidence Debrief (CSID), Stress Management, Anger Management, Change Management, Emotional Intelligence (E.Q) in the workplace, Work-life Balance, and Empowering Women.

In addition to her counselling work, Rumana used to teach Counselling, Psychopathology, and Forensic Psychology at James Cook University. Outside of her professional life, she is a mother of two young men, aged 23 and 25, who serve as her guides in navigating the ever-changing world of social media and accompany her on her travels.

Dr Rumana Kaed

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