Jennie Bhangu

Occupational Therapist (Bsc.Hons, MSc. Hons)
Registered to practice Occupational Therapy in Singapore and UK
Occupational Therapy BSc. (Hons), University of East Anglia, UK
Dementia Studies MSc. (Hons), University of Bradford, UK

Jennie is an Occupational Therapist from the UK. She has over 20 years of experience practicing in the UK and Singapore in private and public sector settings. She has lived in Singapore since 2009.  Her recent work has been in private practice in Singapore and supporting VWOs. She has worked with adults of all ages to support them to be as independent as possible with their activities of daily living.

The focus of Jennie’s Occupational Therapy practice is supporting people with a wide range of psychological issues including anxiety, depression, stress, and Bi-Polar Disorder using holistic treatment approaches to improve functional ability in daily life and quality of life. Jennie works with adults to maximize their function in activities of daily living, such as self-care and home management, productivity in the workplace, volunteer roles or education, and leisure interests Treatment approaches are holistic and person-centered, focusing on the needs of the individual to explore the barriers to their meaningful engagement in activities of daily living.  

As an Occupational Therapy, Jennie supports clients with challenges in the workplace, she collaborates with employers to adapt workplaces and work roles to better meet the physical or psychological needs of the individual. This involves an in-depth needs assessment of the individual and liaison with the employer to explore how adaptations and accommodations to support the individual can be put in place in the work environment.

Jennie specializes in Care Giver support, she has a wealth of experience supporting people in their role of caregivers to loved ones, whether they be an elderly parent, a disabled child, or a spouse. She has many years of professional experience of the complex challenges faced by caregivers and brings this empathy to her professional advice. She has a special clinical interest in supporting people living with Dementia and their loved ones. She works with people living with dementia and their families to maximize safety and functional ability in activities of daily living and improving quality of life.

Jennie’s aim is to help people be as independent as possible in their daily lives and supports them to maximize their quality of life and well-being, in their personal and professional lives. She uses a holistic approach and works in collaboration with clients on what is most meaningful for them. 

Jennie Bhangu

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