Rie Miura

Master of Social Work, Columbia University, USA
B.A. (Comparative Culture), Sophia University, Japan
Member of Singapore Association of Social Workers, Japanese Medical Support Network, International Transaction Analysis Association

Rie has extensive clinical experience gained over the past 25 years working with expatriate families in the United States, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and now in Singapore. She has worked at hospitals, seniors' residence, community agencies, and schools, dealing with various mental health issues including depression, grief and loss, anxiety, adjustment, parenting, developmental and relationship challenges. She pays serious attention to a client's context, wider relationships and strengths, and develops a personally tailored treatment approach for each client, using various techniques and theoretical models including cognitive, behavioural, gestalt, narrative, integrative and transactional analysis. Rie is committed to facilitating changes and/or recovery that clients wish to achieve and enhance their developmental processes, regardless of their age.

Rie serves as a council member of the Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis (UK) and is a board member of the Transactional Analysis Association of Japan. She has contributed to community papers and websites on parenting, stress management, and other mental health issues. She has co-translated two of Eric Berne's seminal books on transactional analysis in Japanese, "What do You Say After You Say Hello" (Seiwa, 2018) and "Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy" (Seiwa, to be published in Fall 2020).