When I made my first appointment with SACAC I felt nervous. When I walked in the door I was welcomed warmly. Whilst waiting, SACAC peaceful environment made me feel more at ease. Over the past few months I felt I have been listened too and my feelings validated. I am developing techniques and tools in my own life that are invaluable.

We initially began seeing Vinti for our youngest daughter's severe anxiety. From previous experience with therapy, we thought it would be months before Vinti would be able to identify the issues at hand and many more months before we saw any improvement. However, from the very first session, Vinti had a clear understanding of our daughter's needs and gave us tools we could implement immediately to help her. Vinti's approach was not only what we as parents could do - she also included our 2 older daughters in the process. This enabled our whole family to support our youngest daughter, giving her a real sense of confidence. It has been 4 months since our first meeting with Vinti and I'm so pleased to say that our daughter has made more progress that we could ever have imagined.

I came to SACAC looking for advice on parenting skills. Mahima has been very helpful in addressing this directly, but also astute in pointing out where issues in other areas of my life have a bearing on it. She is easy to talk to and establish a rapport with. I particularly value her practical and results-oriented approach: while we often delve into the past in our sessions, she ensures that the focus is always firmly on identifying actions and strategies to help me move forward.

Mahima is a professional who has empathy and good listening skills. She knows what she is doing, and is clearly someone with a great deal of expertise and understanding. She is able to identify the issues that I am facing, by sifting through the emotions and isolating relevant factors which are contributing to my issues. Through the sessions, she helps me delve into my past to uncover unresolved hurts and provides me with practical advice to address ongoing problems or stumbling blocks. The process has allowed me to understand my character, my motivations, and my emotions much better. It has also equipped me with the tools to work towards resolving issues in my marriage, exploring and healing buried traumas in my childhood, as well as cope better with daily stresses from work and family relationships.

Vinti Mittal has been helping our thirteen-year-old daughter to deal with stress and panic attacks. She has given our daughter important tools to calm her fears and handle her anxiety. Vinti has also made time to work with us (the parents) as well as our daughter. I would definitely recommend her!

I met Sanaa a while ago, looking for a help to deal with a long lasting anxiety issue I have been having. Sanaa has a very warm and comforting demeanour. I felt she was very welcoming and pleasant to sit with and to share feelings and personal thoughts. I felt relaxed and comfortable very quickly into our first session. She listened to me and gave me plenty of time to speak and to reflect on what I was saying, making meaningful and helpful comments and prespectives. Right on time she would come with suggestions how to cope with situations. From our very first meeting, Sanaa gave me extremely valuable advice and techniques of how to take a look at things from a different perspective, how to look at myself and most importantly how to treat myself. At the end of each session, there was always something important and meaningful to take away with me that will improve significantly my condition, and will help me understand the reasons behind it. After each session with Sanaa I would leave refreshed, reassured and stronger. Sanaa is an excellent professional with a very human approach. I am very grateful to have met her and I am glad to say that thanks to her I have managed to beat off the tension and anxiety and to improve my wellbeing.

I came to my first session with Sanaa a little nervous, slightly wary and with an (un)healthy dose of cynicism due to my previous experience of counselling. (And possibly watching too much TV). One hour later, I left convinced that I had not only found the right place to come to for help (thank you Janet and Katrina for the always warm and friendly welcome), but the right person to help me deal with marital issues and all the associated problems that come with those, like hurt, loss of self-esteem, loss of self-belief, or in short, loss of self. In subsequent sessions, Sanaa has brought me to the point of realisation that it is not my responsibility to “fix” other people or to waste precious time and energy trying to decode their motivations. She is teaching me that my only responsibility – and I love that she positions it as a responsibility, not a right – is to myself and to living a happy, fulfilled life that is filled with positivity, happiness, respect and love.

In her sessions, Sanaa creates a little sanctuary, such that I have been able to talk to her about things, people and events in my life in a way that I have never ever been able to do with anyone else. She has also helped me not just explore the past and indeed long suppressed memories, she is helping me realise how these things are still forming my opinion of myself and shaping my life today. It’s no pity party mind: it is very clear that this is about coming to terms with the past, learning, understanding, letting some things/people go and moving on to a better future.

It is still early days for me and if life is a journey, then I’d say I’m still plotting my itinerary. But I already feel stronger and a teeny bit more confident, so whatever my final destination, with Sanaa’s continued help, I know I will reach it self-aware, happy and confident; no longer a passive passenger in my own life, but firmly in the driver’s seat.

Kady is really doing a good job with my 13 year old daughter. She is teaching her some coping strategies to manage school related stress, peer stuff, etc.. We appreciate that Kady is warm and easy to talk to.